• Martina McGrath
    Hi, my name is Martina. I am a native of Ireland and moved to the US in 1992. My Yoga journey started in 2010 when my curiosity about Hot Yoga captured my interest. At that time, I was the first to say “I would never do that! I don’t like to sweat.” Then, I took my first class and I was hooked. In 2015 I took a 200hr Yoga training. Shortly completing this course, I was involved in a head on collision. My injuries were very severe and I was told by my doctor’s that it would be next to impossible to recover fully from the accident. That then enabled me to become very determined to prove them wrong. I then turned to my Yoga practice. Four years later and after many hours of Yoga I can honestly say that I not only have made a full recovery but came back stronger. In October I completed an Inferno Hot Pilates Training. I am a very strong believer in High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT is a highly efficient practice with fast results. I believe that we are all stronger than we initially believe ourselves to be. As an instructor, I feel that it is my responsibility to lead students to their next level of strength. For beginners I want to instill a love for their practice that will keep them coming back. I am very happy to be part of Go2Yoga and Pacific Beach Yoga family/community as a student and am now very excited to have the opportunity to be an instructor. I hope to meet you soon in one of my classes or on my mat next to you practicing. NAMASTE
  • Vanessa Tearnan

    Vanessa teaches Power Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga Sculpt and Yoga Fusion. She carefully crafts her class sequences, provides verbal cues and physical adjustments to deepen the practice, and above all enjoys inspiring and connecting with her students. All of her classes include a meditative aspect and she anchors the practice in mindfulness, breath, and physical and mental awareness. Vanessa enjoys making class a deep physical and mental experience with good music and fun vibes! She is also a psychotherapist in training with a background in Somatic Psychology and understands the mind/body connection and is passionate about holistic health.


  • Cara Brand

    My yoga story began 20 years ago when I took my first yoga class. It was the first time I had the experience of accepting my body exactly the way it was, and moving in a way that was healing. I was an extreme sport athlete; snowboarding, mountain biking, and cliff jumping my way around the country. I had many injuries and pains in my body, seeing my body as a tool to be used and abused. Yoga changed that. It taught me to make friends with my body, and to learn humility. I didn’t have to compete with anyone, I only had to do what was right for me, my own personal edge. Yoga also taught me to love my body, instead of hating what I saw in the mirror I learned to love what I saw, and see my beauty. I teach and practice Bikram Yoga, as well as coach women one-on-one to find their intuition and feminine power. I’m on a mission to wakeup the world, liberate, and inspire people to live their life purpose. Come take a class with me! It will be fun, enlightening, and irreverent. I look forward to seeing you in the hot room. 


  • Lisa Mares


    Lisa is a California native and fell in love with yoga in 2004. After practicing for several years, she decided to become a yoga teacher while living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Lisa believes yoga is more than a set of postures; it is healing practice which allows for a deep connection with our higher selves. Lisa draws on her own spiritual journey and passion for yoga to create rich and dynamic classes. She enjoys empowering her students to test the limits of their minds and bodies. Her classes are upbeat, joyful and nourishing aimed to open the body and soothe the soul.

  • Katie Schiller-Tang

    I’ve been practicing yoga for over 10 years. In my 20’s, my personal yoga practice was active and dynamic, much like the energy of New York City where I lived. My relationship with yoga never went beyond getting a good workout. Then a few years ago, I experienced a major illness. As a wise yogi may say, it provided an opportunity, however unwelcoming it was, for me to develop a deeper relationship with yoga; I had to look beyond the challenge of practicing a handstand. Since then, I received my RYT 200 training in Bali followed by the RYT 500 training here in SF, specializing in alignment-based vinyasa flow, restorative yoga, kid’s yoga, and yoga sculpt. I am grateful for yoga, for it allowed me to reestablish a healthier connection with my heart, mind, and body.  Further, I am passionate about the idea of yoga service. It is with that intention I work with a non-profit to provide trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness practice to vulnerable communities in my spare time. I look forward to sharing my yoga practice with you all. Find out more at my website: www.jadewelliness.info. 

  • Ryan Ryan
    Ryan has been a coach and teacher for over 15 years. He is a lifelong swimmer and swam at the University of Minnesota where he won 3 Big Ten Championships. He also qualified for Olympic Trials in 2000 and 2004. Ryan fell in love with yoga over three years ago and received his first “200 Hour Hot Yoga Training” certification at Yoga to the People in Berkley. Since then, he has also earned another “200 Hour Hot Yoga Training” certification and a “200 Hour Vinyasa Training” certification. Ryan’s favorite part of yoga is watching students progress. . . . . . slowly watching them get stronger and get deeper into poses as they find more body awareness through hard work and concentration.
  • Nestor Reyes
    Born, raised and educated in the Bay Area. Trained to teach IHP, Vinyasa and Yin. Nestor leads high energy classes infused with dynamic music. Nestor's interests include soccer, dancing, writing and meditating.
  • Jessica Smith
    “Forget the past, for it is gone from your domain. Forget the future, for it is beyond your reach.  Control the present. Live supremely well now.  This is the way of the wise...” 
    ― Paramahansa Yogananda
    I found yoga after giving birth to my first child in 2011. Life felt chaotic, so much change in such a short time, and then a friend led me to a traditional 90 minute Bikram class to help me through the process.  I had just gone running two weeks after giving birth, burst my perineum stitches, and my doctor told me to find a low-impact workout from here on out.  High impact activities would no longer be available to me.  The yoga spoke to me; It helped me heal, both physically and mentally throughout my parenthood journey.  I call it my Yoga Church.  The place I go everyday to feel better in my own body, stay healthy, and learn to evolve.  
    I finished a full 18 weeks of various Hatha Yoga teacher trainings in 2014 and haven't stopped teaching since.  I have been teaching Hot Pilates since 2017 and love the full-body benefits achieved in this amazing low-impact style of movement.  I believe in the yoga, I know it works.  I strive to stay authentic, give you a kick ass class, and have you walk away from your space feeling better than when you arrived.  See you in the hot room!  Namaste~
  • Amanda Weston

    Amanda began teaching

  • Adam Morgan

    Since I joined the yoga community at Pacifica Beach Yoga I have been an avid practitioner of Bikram style yoga. I joined the first 200 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training at Go 2 Yoga with Lisa-Ann Kenyon, Jami Bailey in February 2018. This has improved and deepened my personal practice and understanding of yoga.  I am very excited to join the staff at PBY and Go 2 Yoga


  • Yelena Lepina

    Yelena Lepina  -  I  started Bikram yoga in 2008 and I knew nothing about Bikram yoga or any yoga before. It was very different challenge than working out at the gym. Bikram yoga is not a seasonal activity for me. Bikram yoga is preventative medicine and it helps for me to fight stress, slow down the aging process, create energy, and stay toned and lean. It has become my physical therapy and permanent part of my schedule. I completed Hot Yoga Teacher Training Course, Advanced Vinyasa training in Bali, and Inferno Hot Pilates training. I feel compassion for every single person in each class and want to treat you with kindness and care. I just want to make your life a little bit easier. My Favorite Quotes are
    "You cannot give your life more days, but you can give your days more life",  "Forget the past. Remember the lesson”
    "Live your life and ignore the negativity. Don't let anyone steal your happiness"
  • Tommy Antoon

    Falling is not failing, do the best you can, this is your practice, give it 100% and when you need a break, lie down" are some of the inspiring words Tommy uses to motivate his students while he is teaching.They are more than just phrases, but rather lessons Tommy has acquired throughout his colorful past. Tommy's yoga journey started in 2011. At the time, Tommy had diabetes, he was overweight, and was on 12 different prescription drugs and 2 anti depressants. After suffering a heart attack, Tommy knew he had to change his lifestyle or he would potentially lose his life.  Tommy took his first Bikram yoga class in December of 2011. It was the beginning of a life changing transformation that he discovered through his yoga practice. The initial class led Tommy to Manhattan, NY, where he took part in a 30 day challenge through Yoga to the People. When he completed it, the teachers were inspired by Tommy’s story and urged him to become a hot yoga instructor. With the help, love and support of family,  Tommy attended at least 1 hot yoga class everyday for 377 days through his hot yoga training. Tommy has taught more than 3,500 hot yoga classes. He lost over 100 pounds, overcame diabetes, is no longer on any prescription drugs, and overall has a dramatically improved lifestyle. The improvements that resulted from his practice were not only on a physical level, but also emotional and spiritual. In November 2012, Tommy came to Pacifica for the week and never left, then purchased the former Pacifica Yoga a month later and started creating our Pacifica Beach Yoga. He is passionate about having a positive impact on the community by providing others with the same opportunity that saved his life. He believes yoga is for everyone, any size, any age- if you really want it, do what you need to do to make it happen! His studio is unique to others because it encourages a humble, supportive, motivating and real atmosphere, for real people. Tommy does not claim to be a yoga guru, for him yoga isn’t about strict rules, and heavily enforced boundaries. It’s not about believing in a specific set of values but rather letting the yoga help guide you to wherever you want to go and become whoever you want to be. Everyone’s path is different. He brings to his classes the lessons he has learned through his experiences to inspire his students. He is living proof that anything is possible. Tommy teaches a highly energized, focused hot yoga class. His organic dialog and east coast twang are one of a kind.

  • Gloria Minjares


    Gloria is a self-proclaimed health and fitness lifer (GYM RAT!): Gloria’s fitness background includes Dance/PE BA degree from SFSU; she trained and studied the Brazilian martial art form of Capoiera- for 17 years and taught classes for Abada Capoiera in San Francisco; she also trained as an amateur boxer for 7 years and taught fitness classes with Third Street Boxing Gym. Her passion for fitness and health has led her to her yoga practice and the hard-core workouts of Hot Pilates (Certified Inferno Pilates Instructor).  Gloria’s other passions and the things that help keep balance in a crazy world are her dogs, horses and the ocean.  In addition to her Dance/PE BA degree, Gloria has a master’s in education and administration and (in the real world) works as a middle school administrator for SFUSD.
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  • Weiwei Chen

    Weiwei Chen

    Due to old injuries, I suffered from pain in my spine and hips. In 2013, I started practicing Bikram yoga. During this time, not only have I grown stronger physically, but mentally as well. I have benefited so much from my practice and want to be able to share that with others. As such, I decided to become an instructor and was certified in Spring of 2017 Bikram Teacher Training. 


  • Trisha Borland


    Trisha’s love of sports, the ocean, and being outdoors, surfaced at an early age.  However, her yoga journey launched from an admittedly humble beginning.  After a hatha yoga magazine article planted the seed of curiosity, a desire to learn more led her to the local community college.  It was in this venue that taking introductory yoga classes provided firsthand experience and sparked a passion that would forever change, and guide, the direction of her life.
    Since early 2000, Trisha had been pursuing a personal training career as a means to realize her devotion to fitness and her desire to help people attain their wellness goals.  Already committed to integrating yoga as part of her healthy and active lifestyle, she had diligently been maintaining a home practice, albeit at a casual level.  All of this changed when she was exposed to her first hot yoga class at Pacifica Beach Yoga.  This proved to be the profound experience that triggered a desire to both deepen her practice, and formalize her studies of the various disciplines of yoga.  She recognized this as a perfect complement to personal training as it would allow her to bring a well-rounded sense of balance to clients and students alike.
    Determined to make yoga play an even more significant role in her life, and motivated to share this newfound love, her desire culminated in Trisha earning the 200 hour yoga teacher training certification from the College of San Mateo.  Throughout this journey, Jami has been a gracious resource helping guide Trisha on her newly realized path.
    Trisha’s background in yoga, surfing, and martial arts has taught her the innate importance of achieving harmony between mind, body, and spirit. “I believe there’s a bright side to everything.  A handful of years ago, I gravitated more towards yoga and it wasn’t until I had a more challenging and consistent practice that I realized yoga was helping me cope with the traumas of my past.  My answer to everything is, do yoga.”  Her desire in teaching yoga is to share these beliefs with others, and hopefully enrich their lives in the process.
  • Jennifer K
    Jennifer discovered yoga after the birth of her second child that left her with severe depression and heavy weight gain. She decided to give yoga a try. She started practicing yoga in 2005 and found that it slowly started to change her life in a positive way. She realized its power to heal her depression and resulting in a healthier life style that eventually helped her to lose weight. The more she practiced, the more it helped her find the inner calm, patience, and the connection between mind and body. After many years of practice, she decided to deepen her practice. Jennifer completed her 200 hour yoga Alliance Certification with Yoga Garden institute. She also became certified as a personal trainer through the American Aerobic Association International Sport and Medicine. Jennifer specializes in the power yoga class a type of yoga that can be challenging, vigorous, powerful and yet accessible to students of all levels. Her power yoga class is based on a Vinyasa flow, through music, sweat, laughter, transitioning from pose to pose with emphasis on breath and movement. It's also designed for a total body workout, which creates lean, tone muscle mass, while boosting metabolism and at the same time detoxifying the body.
  • Elena Vasquez

     Elena Chechina born in Crimea on the Black Sea , mama of two, holds a
     bachelor degree in Civil Engineering , a yoga instructor and devoted
     student of yoga. Elena has been practicing yoga for 17 years and has
     been teaching for the last 12 years. Elena brings a deeply-rooted and
     unique perspective to the practice of yoga. She enjoys teaching a
     lively, up-lifting, challenging class that honors the tradition of the practice.

     Elena’s classes, steeped in ritual and ceremony, emphasize breath and alignment in flowing motion to build balance, flexibility, and strength in body, mind, and soul. She enthusiastically teaches all 8 limbs of yoga in order to help students realign with their authentic self, and then move off the mat out into the world living a life of
    personal integrity. Her commitment to honesty, collaboration, and love
    enable students of all levels to find what works best for their unique body in any given moment. She guides students on a powerful exploration
    of listening to the body with honor and reverence.

    Elena is a 200 hour Certified Yoga teacher and a 200 Certified

    Massage Therapist since 2005

  • Nadia Sheibani


    Nadia Sheibani started practicing yoga 7 years ago. Her journey began with hot yoga (Bikram yoga) when a friend took her to a free Bikram class. The heat was not bearable at first but being a fixed believer of “if there is a will, there is a way” she continued and still does. Nadia discovered other yoga disciplines later and heat and the 26 postures were the foundation of a broader yoga practice and learning. Nadia earned her RYT200 hour certificate with Yoga Source, Los Gatos and started teaching in 2012.

    Nadia is a firm believer that yoga is for everyone regardless of age, body structure or disability, it can be tailored to you and for you. Her teaching is based on foundation, alignment and logic with some fun. All age groups are welcome in her class.

    Nadia is registered with Yoga Source, Los Gatos for the 500 hour certificate and continues to teach and learn as the journey of yoga never ends.


  • Sylvana Carrara

    Sylvana Carrara

    I have been practicing yoga since 2002. 
    I started teaching in 2004 Bikram Yoga 
    I have been since adding more different styles into my practice and teaching as well 
    I teach Bikram , Power flow yoga , Aerial Yoga ,Yin Yoga , Inferno Pilate and POP Pilate , recently I taken another  training with Tony Sanchez  in Malàga Core 40 and Master Core . 
    I also finished my 1 first course of TRX .

  • Haleli Moalem

    Haleli started practicing yoga when she moved to Santa Cruz and discovered a new found inner connection with the mind and body, wanting to delve deeper into it ever since. When she moved to San Francisco, she came to hot yoga and felt the powerful benefits from the heated practice and resonated with the home vibe of our studio's. She received her 200 hour mystical yoga teacher training in Bali, Indonesia during her life changing year of travels. 

    Haleli is a believer in the power of yoga and its immensely positive influence on health and well-being. She goes with the flow throughout life and in her practice, manifesting the beauty from within, becoming one with all surroundings. 

  • Daisy Chan

    Yoga is to connect your body and mind.

     When I started practicing Bikram, I fell in love and I was hooked...though not from my very first class :-D

    It helped my frequent headaches and back issues from a car accident. It even helped my blood pressure — my doctor was impressed and took me off medication.

     In Fall 2016 I attended Bikram Teacher Training to pursue my dream of teaching yoga to others. I truly believe that Bikram yoga is the best exercise for your mind and body. 

    There is an old Chinese saying, "Healthy is wealthy!" Even with all the money in the world, you need a healthy body and healthy mind to live a full and happy life.

    See you in the hot room! :-)



  • John-Thomas Hanson

    "My yoga journey began over twenty years ago and I quickly discovered that yoga was much more than learning challenging yoga poses. Doing the physical poses in combination with meditation and breathwork has thoroughly transformed my life. It’s helped me get on top of my lifelong anxiety and has enabled me to get off all my medications. It’s a daily exercise to train the mind to calm down and find a mindful existence.

    Until a few years ago, I had spent most of my life in the biotech corporate world. Then the universe shifted and I went back to school to get my masters in Musical Theatre. I find yoga and acting to be great compliments to each other since both require being grounded in the body.

    I received my teacher training in Panama and continued my training in Bali. In addition to hatha and vinyasa styles, I’ve studied different meditation methodologies and tantra techniques to foster deeper connections between myself, the universe, and other people. I always like to connect breath and movement in my classes and I try to introduce an element of fun to all my classes."

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